Martin Zachmann 


Programming languages 

Thorough experience with OOP, mainly in C++ and Java, basic knowledge in Python. Working with Linux shells/bash for many years. Development and maintenance of new and existing simulation software (CLI) for users with different backgrounds in life science. Parallelization of own/external libraries via OpenMP, vectorization (SIMD) and MPI for Linux. Optimization of CPU-intensive algorithms for improved scaling (up to thousands of CPU cores). Scripts for dataconversions, analysis-tools and IO-processing in bash/Python. Basic knowledge of Maple and MATLAB. 

High Performance Computing 

Application of self-written and existing software on computing clusters and a supercomputer, the SuperMUC at the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum in Garching (see publications) employing the SLURM job scheduler. Application of existing software on NVIDIA-GPU cards. CI/CD Software development with version control via SVN as admin of our local repository. Basic knowledge of Maven and CMake. General Maintenance of our own computing cluster running Debian and the PBS job scheduler. Installation of new computing nodes, VM images and simulation software (e.g. GROMACS, AMBER). Good understanding of Microsoft Office, LibreOffice and LaTeX products. Creation of several manuals and instructions detailing our software for new students. Recently started to learn about web/cloud development with AWS.


  • PhD student at Technical University of Munich (TUM)
  • Physics degree from the University of Bayreuth


Zachmann, M., Mathias, G. and Antes, I. (2015), Parameterization of the Hamiltonian Dielectric Solvent (HADES) Reaction-Field Method for the Solvation Free Energies of Amino Acid Side-Chain Analogs. ChemPhysChem, 16: 1739-1749.

Zachmann, M., Croitoru, M. D., Vagov, A., Axt, V. M., Papenkort, T., & Kuhn, T. (2013). Ultrafast terahertz-field-induced dynamics of superconducting bulk and quasi-1D samples. New Journal of Physics, 15(5), 055016.