About Us

NOVODAN is your Nordic consulting partner in innovation and digital transformation, specializing in biomedicine, scientific computing, and knowledge transfer for your impactful outcomes in research, innovation, as well as skills and knowledge enhancements.

“Empowering Innovations In Biomedicine”

Our strengths include

  • Strong international professional networks;
  • Extensive experience in research and application;
  • Subject-matter expertise in genomics, metabolomics, high-performance computing, Big Data, and knowledge transfer.

Our Vision

Play active and leading roles in the ecosystem of digital transformation and innovation, fostering Sustainable Development.

Our Mission

  • To bridge the gap between organizations and cutting-edge technologies in biomedicine, data science, HPC, and innovation management.
  • We aim to solve real-world problems, promoting growth, sustainability, and prosperity.
  • As a sustainable, open-minded, adaptable, and reliable partner, we assist our clients in achieving their goals.

Our Bussiness Areas

  • Scientific Computing: We help DesignImplementDevelop, and Manage scientific computing solutions for traditional clusters and cloud computing.
  • R&D for Biomedicine: We assist customers to Design project, Write proposal, Apply for funding, and Analyze data, and Write manuscripts.
  • Knowledge Transfer: We ConnectTrainOrganize courses, conferences, workshops so customers to Acquire knowledge, skills, or certifications.

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