Cover - Trong-Hieu Nguyen

Meet our team member, Trong-Hieu Nguyen, who is committed to contributing to our team toward innovation and success.


Duy Tan University (Sep 2019 – Jun 2023)

Big Data & Machine Learning | GPA: 3.6

  • Achieved Studying Scholarship for top 5% of students who have the highest score 

FUNIX COURSE ( Jul 2021 – Mar 2022)

Machine Learning | GPA: 3.2

  • Achieved scholarship for the top 3 highest entrance test scores


NOVODAN COMPANY ( Jul 2023 – Present) 

Computer Vision Engineer – Remote

  • Input and output processing, model improvement Researched and evaluaed models
  • Found and fixed issues
  • Worked at GitHub

TMT COMPANY ( May 2022 – Jun 2023) 

AI Engineer – On-site

  • Researched, built, tested, trained, optimized, and implemented models.
  • Found solutions, and debug code. Collected, pre-processed, and generated data.
  • Collaborated with product owner and Scrum master to produce high-quality models.
  • Implemented code for auto-get information in some websites and saved it on MongoDB
  • Converted a model defined in PyTorch into the ONNX format to considerably increase performance


NOVODAN COMPANY | Computer Vision Engineer Mouse Video Analysis ( Jul 2023 – Present)

  • Project Description: Analyze the direction of the mouse to research the mouse’s memory
  • Responsibilities: Detecting mouse and maze. Discuss with client. Apply mathematical formulas to produce the client’s desired results. Build user interface
  • Technologies/Tools: YOLOv8, YOLACT, Django

PARACEL COMPANY | Computer Vision Engineer Extract tables in PDF files (Jun 2023 – Sep 2023)

  • Project Description: Detected the required table types and convert them to Excel or CSV format
  • Responsibilities: Researched and tested Azure models that can extract tables from PDF files or images. Input and output processing of models
  • Technologies/Tools: Azure, OCR, Table Transformer

TMT Company | Python Developer Crawl Data (May 2023 – Jun 2023)

  • Project Description: Get the necessary information from different Websites, to create large datasets to support works in the future
  • Responsibilities: Create and implement code for auto-get information in some websites and save it on MongoDB
  • Technologies/Tools: Selenium, Beautiful-soup

Image Matting (Mar 2023 – Jun 2023)

  • Project Description: Research background removal process. Build a tool that helps users remove the background in a few seconds, and edit the resulting image
  • Responsibilities: Collect and generate data. Build a model to classify the kind of model. Use Matte Image models in GitHub to research, train, and optimize. Convert model from Pytorch to Onnx
  • Technologies/Tools: Pytorch, Open-cv, MatteFormer, ViTMatte, EfficientNet

Read Book By Image (Sep 2022 – Dec 2022)

  • Project Description: Convert book images from the camera to text
  • Responsibilities: Dewarp the text in the picture, detect book, divide the book into 2 pages, crawl data, and generate data
  • Technologies/Tools: RectiNet, AGUN, Open-cv, Pytorch

Fashion Detection (May 2022 – Aug 2022)

  • Project Description: Detect the type of clothes by pictures Responsibilities: Collect data, preprocessing data, train model, test model Technologies/Tools: YOLOR, YOLOv5, Nanodet, Open-cv, Pytorch



Application Of AI To Intelligent Waste Classification (Feb 2023 – May 2023)

  • Project Description: Build trash cans that automatically classify waste, add points for users when using the service, and increase people’s awareness better and better
  • Responsibilities: Preprocessing data, generator data. Train, test, and optimize the model. Technologies/Tools: YOLOv8, Open-cv, Pytorch, Teachable Machine.

FUNIX | AI Engineer

Classification Of Plants Of Southeast Asia (Feb 2022 – Mar 2022)

  • Project Description: An image classification competition in Kaggle, to classify plants of Southeast Asia by pictures
  • Responsibilities: Preprocessing data. Train, test and optimize model Technologies/Tools: EfficientNet, Tensorflow, Keras


Python; C/C++ Computer Vision TensorFlow Pytorch; CNN; Image processing; GPU computing Segmentation; Object Detection; Process Data; Crawl Data; GitHub

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