Vang Le-Quy, PhD

Vang Le-Quy, PhD

Vang Le-Quy, CEO

Give advice and support for researchers to overcome entry barriers of data science and artificial
Setup SLURM cluster, and optimize massive parallel computing on NVIDIA GPUs and supercomputers.
A bioinformatician for NGS data from microorganisms and clinical human samples.
Work human genome variants for genetics disorders testing. Therefore also experienced with many public and commercial databases such as dbSNP, HGMD, dbNSFP, Ensembl, 1kG, etc, and software like GATK, samtools, Lifescope, CLC Genomics Workbench, and Torrent Suite.
Be very keen on quality control, standardization and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).


+ Linux Server Administration.
+ Work daily with Python, R and Bash.
+ Less frequently work with Java, C, Scala and C++, and dropped using Perl.
+ Fluent both Emacs and Vim editors.
+ Bioinformatics infrastructure: setup and maintain: compute cluster, storage cluster.
+ MySQL, Database Applications, and popular file formats in bioinformatics such as BAM, VCF, GFF, SQLite, Genbank, etc.


Apply Buddhism as a lifestyle and philosophy.
Optimization mind: continual self improvement for all things in life and work.
At the same time, be mindful, happy and appreciate what I have.
Highly respect life and love as the miracles of existence.


Speak Vietnamese, English, Danish and some Korean.