Cover - NOVODAN kick-started 2024 with an EU HORIZON Project

NOVODAN kick-started 2024 with an EU HORIZON Project

As a young Nordic consulting company in innovation and digital transformation, specializing in biomedicine, scientific computing, and knowledge transfer. It is our great pleasure and honor to join forces with 19 other prestigious industrial and academic partners and have won an EU HORIZON-funded Project number 101133191 “Pandemic Information to Support Rapid Response” with an apt acronym “PAIR”. 

PAIR consists of two components:  PANPOC  – a Point of Care (PoC) device for rapid testing of biological samples and PANRISK – an AI-backed software tool. NOVODAN will be spearheading two work packages, leading the software engineering of PANRISK. We will collaborate closely with Copenhagen University (UCPH), State Serum Institute (SSI), Denmark Technical University (DTU), and University of Georgia (UGA) on data science and bioinformatics, to design, collect and analyze data and generate epidemiological insights for European governments, industries, and health officials. We would like to express our sincere thanks to our partners who have collaborated closely with us during the preparation of the application and will continue to do so in the implementation phase of this project.

Pic 1 - NOVODAN kick-started 2024 with an EU HORIZON Project
Pic 1. NOVODAN’s closest partners for PANRISK part of PAIR 

The PAIR consortium kicked off with a meeting on the 23rd and 24th of January in Copenhagen with the participation of 20 partners from 7 countries. The project seeks to ensure that Europe possesses the expertise and capabilities for advanced point-of-care systems and prognostic models based on big data and artificial intelligence.

Pic 2 - NOVODAN kick-started 2024 with an EU HORIZON Project
Pic 2. Representatives of 20 partners in PAIR 

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic highlighted the need for transparent, faster, and better-informed decisions in terms of readiness and response. Technology and modeling that can provide rapid, reliable, and cost-effective information are essential for better decision-making and to sustain public trust.

To increase pandemic preparedness, PAIR will launch two innovative interacting tools: PANPOC and PANRISK. PANPOC is a POC instrument for the rapid detection of respiratory RNA viruses with pandemic potential in human, animal, and environmental samples. PANRISK is an AI/ML-based platform that processes field data from freely accessible online resources combined with proprietary data from partners. It can assess epidemic risk based on spatial occurrence (geographical mapping), temporal occurrence patterns, and temporal evolution of a virus (genetic surveillance, bioinformatics analysis).

Pic 3 - NOVODAN kick-started 2024 with an EU HORIZON Project
Pic 3. Partner presentations in PAIR for PANRISK implementation
Pic 4 - NOVODAN kick-started 2024 with an EU HORIZON Project
Pic 4. Partner discussion in PAIR for PANRISK implementation

Both tools have been selected to meet the comprehensive requirements for a European One Health genomic-informed surveillance and outbreak response model. The PAIR tools will be implemented and validated by veterinary and clinical end-users in Denmark, France, Latvia, Italy, and Spain.

“Covid has made us realize how urgent it is to adopt the One Health approach for global health,” stated Dr. Carsten Thure Kirkeby, PAIR project coordinator. “This approach addresses the needs of the most vulnerable populations in their wider contexts. With PAIR, we aim to move in this direction by enhancing preparedness and responses with better decision-making. With advanced modeling, we will enable greater coordination across regions and countries, and thus address an identified weakness in pandemic response.”

Pic 5. CEO NOVODAN presents in the kick-off meeting

“The PAIR project plays an especially important role in strengthening NOVODAN’s services in biomedicine. Participating in the project demonstrates our scientific and industrial capabilities, and human resources that our company possesses, but also shows our commitment to operating for the sustainable development of society and the world. NOVODAN is committed to delivering quality results for this project every six months and looks forward to valuable inputs in running big R&D projects like this one. Together, we can make a significant impact on global health.” shared Dr. Vang Le – NOVODAN’s CEO.

For more information about our company and our exciting projects, please visit our website. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

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